Sunday, October 16, 2016

The start of things to come

Welcome to my first blog post for Wildlife Photography by Matt Latham. Ironically, it contains no wildlife though! That's because I wanted to start with scenery from my recent honeymoon to Mauritius, the wildlife from which will feature as the first set of posts, to set the context for those posts. That's also the point of having this blog - to show my recent wildlife photography but to also provide a little bit of supporting information to help narrate the images.

During the 10 day break in paradise, my wife and I spent much of the time relaxing on the hotel beach but we also managed a few trips to see the jungle in the south west of the island and Gabriel Island, a small island approximately 15km north of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, which will feature in a later post. Considering it was my honeymoon and I had little to no birding time, I did manage 4 of the island's endemic species: Mauritius Bulbul, Mauritius Fody, Mascarene Martin and Mascarene Swiftlet during the south-west trip. I also managed to see Mauritius Fruit Bats, Wild Boar and Short-tailed Macaques.

A number of the images I managed in Mauritius will likely feature in my main portfolio, but you'll be able to see all the keepers here over the coming weeks. For starters, I hope you like the photographs below which were all taken with an iPhone, and I hope you come to enjoy the additional experience this blog will aim to offer.

Two images of the terrain in the south-west of the island 

Two images of the beach near the hotel at Belle Mare; a regular haunt for Whimbrel and Striated Herons  

The simply breathtaking Gabriel Island - home to many White-tailed Tropicbirds

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